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Welcome: Welcome to FluidEarth


Welcome to FluidEarth 


Welcome to FluidEarth

FluidEarth (formerly known as OpenWEB) is an HR Wallingford initiative bringing together a community of specialists with the aim of researching and implementing integrated computer modelling approaches to environmental systems.

In order to understand how pressures such as climate change and developments impact the environment we need model not just physical, chemical and biological parameters, but how these parameters interact to affect the whole system. Environmental systems couple many natural processes and simulating them accurately demands modelling them in a similar fashion.

Modelling such systems more accurately can be done in two ways: either simulate everything in one large model or link smaller models together. Fluid Earth focuses on the second approach: linking existing computer models together to form integrated compositions.

This is done by utilising the OpenMI standard for integrated modelling. In addition, Fluid Earth has delivered two important tools to aid this process:

The FluidEarth Software Development Kit allows model developers to adapt their models for linking to other models and data services. It takes most of the complexity out of this process allowing easy creation of a new generation of environmental models which can be combined into compositions.

Pipistrelle is a tool giving modellers the ability to easily create and run compositions of linked models. Everything is controlled through a simple user interface showing models as OpenMI components with data exchange along links. 

All interested parties are welcome to participate in  the initiative. If you would like to be issued with an FluidEarth Portal id for access to more information and discussion fora then please click on the link below. 

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