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Started: 08/12/2009 22:23
Picture: ZZhang
How to read data from files and write data to files?

I want to wrap my model using OpenWEB SDK. But I am in trouble at the beginning. The model needs to read data from files and calculate, then write the result to files. I tried to modify the TemplateFtn model, but I don’t know how to do.

The attachments are code (a simplified programme) and input data.  

Can someone tell me which files or variables need to modify and how to modify?


Posted: 10/12/2009 12:45
Picture Placeholder: GGlasgow
good to hear you're starting to wrap your own models.
as with anything, there are lots of different ways to go - in the i have uploaded is an example called Simple_2D; if you have a look at the Engine.f90 code, i open and read three different files during 'initialisation' and write generic output during 'compute'.
in your code, perhaps you might want to have the full file path as a mandatory argument in the omi file, which you would open as normal in initialise and write out in compute.
i will quickly rewrite your attached code and post a little later in the day.
good luck!
Posted: 10/12/2009 15:40
Picture Placeholder: GGlasgow
i've created the attached file (Engine.f90) from the code you posted and the fortran template from the workshop. worth noting that i've turned the hard-coded input and output file names into mandatory arguments to be read from the omi file. i would also do the same for imax and jmax, or have them read from a steering file.
hopefully this will get you started,
Posted: 13/04/2011 13:52
Picture Placeholder: ABarkwith



How would you do I/O files for c# projects in FluidEarth?



Posted: 14/04/2011 09:09
Picture Placeholder: GGlasgow
Hi Andy,
attached a renamed zip file containing a trivial c# example model that reads data from a file called fileIN.txt during initialisation and writes data to a file called fileOUT.txt during compute. i have commented the bits you need to look out for with '//GRG:', so if you search on that across the engine.cs file you will see what i am doing.
the model omi, xml and input text file are in /bin/data/ and should work without recompiling.

...the caveats!! 
1. please be aware i am not a c# programmer - this works, but may not be a terribly intelligent way of doing things.
2. i would suggest that there are likely to be many different ways of doing this kind of thing, and the attached is only an example to get you going; i would recommend you search msdn, codeproject or another online dev resource to find out what other (and most probably better) ways of doing this exist.
but other than that, i hope this gets you going.
good luck,