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Started: 25/03/2010 15:08
Picture: ZZhang
Data exchanging at time point

Hi Gordon


I will describe the data exchanging issue as Professor Lin talked yesterday.


I attached three compressed files. The pdf file describes the issue. The file named ‘Divast’ contains the simplified DIVAST model code and input file, and the other is wrapped model.


Thanks for your help. Look forward to your reply.


Posted: 27/03/2010 15:49
Picture Placeholder: GGlasgow
i've had a look at the code you uploaded, and i've rewritten your models so that they can exchange data through Get and Set methods.

the main issue is that your circle subroutine is performing all of it's timesteps when called in initialise_post - it's basically finished the run before any other models have started. to use Get and Set, you need to change this so that it is started duting initialise_post (allocation/read-in mandatory data) and performs one timestep when called from compute. also, you need to be careful that your model timestep (dt in the code; set to 1.0 modified julian days) is shorter than the model horizon, or it may never run more than once even if you sort out the above. attached, a pdf taking you through the changes in more detail.
i've uploaded two models created from your code in the training folder of the development repository that should do what you were after. if not, let me know. hopefully, the code i've uploaded will give you a better idea of how you will need to restructure DIVAST to get it into a format that will work as an integrated model component.
let me know if you need more info...and good luck!