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Started: 02/09/2010 00:21
Picture Placeholder: FWang
Can i use FluidEarth SDK and Pipistrelle on Mac system?
i am wondering that can i use FluidEarth SDK and Pipistrelle on Mac system (Apple computer)?
Posted: 03/09/2010 11:02
Picture Placeholder: GGlasgow
Sorry, but Pipistrelle has been developed as a windows-only application and the SDK requires .NET 2.0. So far, I don't think anyone's looked at SDK compatibility with mono on any other platform (either linux or MacOSX) but it might be something worth exploring.
hope this helps,
Posted: 28/09/2010 08:38
Picture: Adrian Harper
Adrian Harper
The Pipistrelle Console program (used for running compositions with minimal UI) will run on linux using mono. In theory this means that it should run on Mac's but no testing has ever been done by myself.
The main Pipistrelle application with full UI is not currently Mono compatable and so cannot run on linux/mac platforms. There is no current plan to do this port due to other priorties. The earliest that I could add it to my current work program is Sping 2011 and for that to happen their needs to be significant demand demonstrated by lobbying on places such as this furum.