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Started: 27/09/2010 11:46
Picture Placeholder: ASchellart
Anyone working on cloning Infoworks CS runs using Pippistrelle?
Is anyone else working on cloning Infoworks CS model runs using Pippistrelle?
 I have tried to clone rainfall events, as I am interested in running a large number of different rainfall forecasts in Infoworks, and it should be easier to clone than to manually import 100's of different rainfall files into Infoworks.
However, this seems currently not possible in Pippistrelle.
This is a brief summary of a discussion that was already going on via e-mail between myself and Susan Anderson and Quillon Harpham.
Has anyone else attempted to clone Infoworks CS runs in order to enable to set-up runs for a large batch of different rainfall files?
Alma Schellart