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Initialisation Problem 


I have wrapped a simple model that passes water between 2 buckets via a tube, using 2 steps:
  1. The Start Bucket takes the head from the End Bucket,  calculates a volume to pass on, and a new head for itself
  2. The End Bucket accepts a volume and adjusts its head accordingly 
Under initialisation, the Start Bucket runs OK, and takes the head from the End Bucket and calculates a volume to pass on. However, when the End Bucket initialises, the volume from the Start Bucket does get passed and a zero is used. The models behave correctly for subsequent time-steps, but there is an water imbalance due to this first run. 
I have checked that the order of initialisation is correct, and the only way i can get round the problem is to assign a 'volume out' for the Start Bucket in the initialise section of the code. This is not a problem under this simple interaction, as the vol change can be calculated manually. It will be a problem when we add more buckets! 
Any ideas how to get round this?
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Created at 21/06/2010 10:42  by ABarkwith 
Last modified at 21/06/2010 10:42  by ABarkwith