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Hi Gordon,
I have modified my engine and .xml file, so it can pass the 2D and 3D strings very well.
However, it can't pass parameters and 1D strings. The message shows 'Index was outside the bounds of the array'.I set the parameters and 1D strings in engine according to the examples(boundary,spill,reservoir). I think I made mistakes, but I could't find out them.  
I attach the two models and logfile. Can you check it for me? Thanks very much.

From: GGlasgow
Posted: 11 June 2010 10:53
Subject: passed arguments setting issues.

sorry, i missed a part of the answer before.
to decide how to set 'M' and 'N', you need to remember how the SDK is using these two values; basically, all that happens is it creates a single one-dimensional array of size M.N, which is why i use a one-dimensional echange_item array in my code to handle the data that comes in and out.
so if you wish to use this method to pass i tile of 3D data, you need to work out 'M' and 'N' so that their product equals I.J.K.
...for example, i like to use
M = I.J and N = K (because i am creating K number of tiles, each one with I.J elements, as my last post suggests)
but you might prefer
M = I and N = J.K
M = 1 and N = I.J.K
M = I.J.K and I = 1
so it's really up to you to choose the best approach that suits the way you write your code - as i say, i like to create tiles each one I.J in size, and i have K of them.
when i get a little time, i will create a better element set for you:


that allows you to specify an I, J and K rather than an N and M.
this won't make any difference to your model code at all - all that will happen is you will change your XML files to use this new element set rather than the old Grid version. in both cases, the SDK will create a 1D array which is equal to I.J.K as above.
will try to do this this weekend,

From: ZZhang
Posted: 10 June 2010 15:56
Subject: passed arguments setting issues.

Hi, Gordon,
I have several questions about how to set passed arguments in attached pdf file.
The rar file contains the two example model.
Look forward to your reply. Thank you.
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Created at 15/06/2010 18:56  by ZZhang 
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