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sorry, i missed a part of the answer before.
to decide how to set 'M' and 'N', you need to remember how the SDK is using these two values; basically, all that happens is it creates a single one-dimensional array of size M.N, which is why i use a one-dimensional echange_item array in my code to handle the data that comes in and out.
so if you wish to use this method to pass i tile of 3D data, you need to work out 'M' and 'N' so that their product equals I.J.K.
...for example, i like to use
M = I.J and N = K (because i am creating K number of tiles, each one with I.J elements, as my last post suggests)
but you might prefer
M = I and N = J.K
M = 1 and N = I.J.K
M = I.J.K and I = 1
so it's really up to you to choose the best approach that suits the way you write your code - as i say, i like to create tiles each one I.J in size, and i have K of them.
when i get a little time, i will create a better element set for you:


that allows you to specify an I, J and K rather than an N and M.
this won't make any difference to your model code at all - all that will happen is you will change your XML files to use this new element set rather than the old Grid version. in both cases, the SDK will create a 1D array which is equal to I.J.K as above.
will try to do this this weekend,

From: ZZhang
Posted: 10 June 2010 15:56
Subject: passed arguments setting issues.

Hi, Gordon,
I have several questions about how to set passed arguments in attached pdf file.
The rar file contains the two example model.
Look forward to your reply. Thank you.
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Created at 11/06/2010 10:53  by GGlasgow 
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