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multiple instances of the same model 


I am trying to output from one model into another, with both models being the same. To conceptualise: Imagine one bucket leaking into another, which in turn leaks into a third bucket. The bucket in the middle needs a volume in and a volume out. In this example it would be easy to name these values Qin1 and Qout1, Qin2 and Qout2, etc. However say if there were 20 buckets linked to eachother it would take a lot of time to create seperate models. So, is it possible to give the inputs and outputs of a model the same name? ie Q is the input and output of each bucket/model. If not, is there any way around this?
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Created at 07/06/2010 17:18  by ABarkwith 
Last modified at 07/06/2010 17:18  by ABarkwith