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c++?  ...a rather brave decision, if you don't mind my saying! not got too much experieince with that type of wrapping, so as you get further i think Adrian Harper might prove more helpful than me.
as for this pipistrelle error, it's a little difficult to see from your screengrab but the very first system exception is telling you that the timestamps aren't moving forward - basically your model is stuck on one time, for one reason or another.
you should check that you have a dt that's properly initialised and with a sensible value (non zero) and is being added to the current time in 'compute'.
your message suggests one of these steps might have become lost somewhere - either in the initialisation phase (i.e. check the string for dt is consistent in both initialise and the omi file), in the assignment or in 'compute' if you're not returning a time that's moved forward.
if this doesn't help, it might be worth uploading the log file (with event monitoring 'all' and logging level 'debug2'), which i can help you go through to see what other information is available from the run.
hope this helps, but if not let me know,

From: MMansour
Posted: 03 June 2010 17:08
Subject: Help with a C++ program

Hi Gordon,
I am trying to make a C++ program OpenMI complient.
I produced a dll version of my program which i tested sucessfully. I followed the tutorial related to FORTRAN programs and updated the EngineProxy.cs to call my dll.
I have not updated any of the xml or omi files yet.
I tried to run the model in pipistrelle and got the list of errors (attached).  I would be grateful if you can help explaining what hapenning and to put me on the right track to proceed from here.
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Created at 03/06/2010 19:18  by GGlasgow 
Last modified at 03/06/2010 19:18  by GGlasgow