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i've now uploaded a sample 2D model on the development repository ( for you to take a look at. it doesn't do much, but should show you how i solve this problem.  there's a pdf file in the zip which will hopefully answer your question about exchanging arrays of data, which i've also attached here. it's well worth trying out the code i've uploaded and making sure you understand what the process involves before moving on to your own (more complicated, no doubt) model.
if you still have any problems, let me know - i'll look out for any more posts you make here and will try to give you a reply within a day or two. if things are urgent, and it's stopping you from working, feel free to get in touch directly - you should have my contact details from the training event.
good luck!

From: ZZhang
Posted: 03 March 2010 22:19
Subject: Two questions



I have two questions as the attachment.

If I make you misunderstand, please feel free to contact me.

My email:


I really appreciate if someone can handle these problems for me.

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Created at 07/03/2010 17:35  by GGlasgow 
Last modified at 07/03/2010 17:35  by GGlasgow