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FluidEarth Discussions: Pipistrelle86_0_8 Installation Error


During the installation the MapWindows activeX component is registered (supposedly) automatically. This has been tested on XP so we are experiencing something new here. It would be interesting to see if this an IT issue, i.e. cannot register unless IT does it with admin privileges.
You can manually register it by doing a regserver32 on the ocx in a command prompt.
The failure means that you will not be able to open the GIS window, all other functionality should be ok.

From: Quillon Harpham
Posted: 24 February 2010 10:12
Subject: Pipistrelle86_0_8 Installation Error

I'm getting the following error when I try to install Pipistrelle86_0_8 from the msi file downloaded from this portal. I'm running Windows XP.
Module C:\Program Files\Pipistrelle86
0.8\MapWinGIS.ocx failed to register. HRESULT
-2147010895. Contact your support personnel.
Any suggestions; can I ignore this and continue?
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Created at 24/02/2010 10:49  by Adrian Harper 
Last modified at 24/02/2010 10:49  by Adrian Harper