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They should contact OpenWEB individually about joining. The joining process involves their agreeing to the OpenWEB Partnership Agreement that exists to protect IPR and to provide a solid basis for cooperation.
The present OpenWEB partners have agreed that for the time being no new parties will be taken on. This is NOT to maintain an exclusive club; joining arrangements for new members will be introduced once the present teams have been able to develop useful outputs, and OpenWEB can be seen to be working to its potential value. 
G Pearce, OpenWEB Coordinator

From: DSamuel
Posted: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 2:35 PM
Subject: New Openweb Users

I am aware of other parties who want to become part of Openweb.  What is the next step?
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Created at 10/10/2008 12:08  by Geoff Pearce 
Last modified at 10/10/2008 12:15  by Geoff Pearce