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Hi Lei,
Sorry for the delay in leaving you a reply. Attached is a pdf going through what I see as two main points - the handling of mixed scalar/vector data, and the use of polygons with a model. I think these two issues are inter-related, so sorting one out should help sort out both of your problems.
To hopefully get you going again, I have rewritten my Test2DCS model and created a couple of extra compositions; this shows how to create polygons using the element set factory. It also shows how to use data operations.
I hope this helps - let me know if you have any other problems.

From: LWang
Posted: 02 September 2011 17:35
Subject: How to pass array using FluidEarth

Hi Gordon,
Sorry I have to bother you again. I met a problem for exchange the mixture types of data. If the exchange data is only one type (2D array or single values), it works very well. However, when I try to exchange the mixture types of data, I got "index out of bounds of array" problem, even I was exchanging the single value data. Could you please have a look at zipped attached files.
I am wondering if there is a runtime property to identify the type of the exchange data in the functions of WriteOutputs and ReadInputs. If there is one it would be possible to selectively choose the data exchange functions for array or the single value.
I replaced the attached file
Thanks again.
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Created at 04/09/2011 16:59  by GGlasgow 
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