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Hi Lei,
Sorry I haven't uploaded an example using XYPolygons as yet - I will try to find some time later this week. It sounds as though you are making good progress with your work, however.
In terms of transfering more data than you wish to use, I would suggest the fundamental problem here is that both models in the composition (i.e. the one exporting data and the one importing data) need to have identically-sized arrays. If your source of data covers only a sub-region of your target domain, you might need to revisit the target model (ZOOM, i guess) to create an element-set that has only those elements of interest. This way, you would only be passing relevant data between the models. You may need to rewrite the parts of the ZOOM model to make sure it can handle this type of incoming data, though, and I don't know how easy/difficult this might be.
If you are comfortable using the 2D grid method, you can set N or M set to 1 and dX/dY to 0.0 (this is still a 2D array!) - alternatively, you may prefer to do things with an element-set of polylines.  I will include this in the example I will put together later in the week.
At present, the best documentation is Adrian Harper's 'Developer's Manual and Reference' document, which is installed with Pipistrelle. On my machine, it is saved here:
C:\Program Files\Fluid Earth\Pipistrelle Plugins 1.0 1.0\Model Geometry Editor\FluidEarth.pdf
It is worth pointing out that v2.0 of the SDK and Pipistrelle are in development, and will be available from the portal in the coming months - if you do not find what you are looking for here, you may need to look through the source-code for the SDK itself as it is unlikely that further documentation for v1.0 SDK will be produced.
I hope this helps,

From: LWang
Posted: 01 September 2011 11:33
Subject: How to pass array using FluidEarth

Hi Gordon,
I test my model and find that the data can now be exchanged from irregular XYPolygons in ZOOM model by using regular 2D array. However there a lot of points outside of ZOOM XYPolygons that are getting value of "0" all the time, and these useless points could affect the efficiency of the running FluidEarth model. I am wondering if there is a better way other than using regular 2D array.
I have another more urgent problem to solve at the moment: with further development of models, I start to realise that I have to use 1D array as well, I guess this is quite similar to using 2D array, but I don't know how to define 1D array in xml files. Could you please let me know where I can find the document describing the definition of different data types in FluidEarth. Thanks.
Best regards,
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