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Hi Lei,
no problem. glad you've got the composition running - a real benefit of openmi is that you are able to couple together models written in different languages.
ok. if you get time, take a look at the c# example and make sure that you are comfortable with how you will need to create/use data in a 1D array when it is moved between 2D models. as you will be using polygons rather than a regular grid of points, there will be some differences, but you will still need to do the same sort of thing.
thanks for the info - sounds like you are making good progress with your tests. i will begin to rewrite my c# example this weekend to demonstrate how to use xypolygons rather than a regular grid. i will try to upload this early next week, but this will depend on how much time i can find this weekend.

From: LWang
Posted: 26 August 2011 09:41
Subject: How to pass array using FluidEarth

Hi Gordon,
I much appreciate your quick and very useful help and your time.
The composition is running correctly now. You are right I do not have Intel Fortran compiler installed on my PC.
Since you have create a new C# code for this, I think I don't have to send you mine. I will look at your C# sample and find out what the problems my code has. 
ZOOMQ3D was wrapped using OpenMI instead of FluidEarth, so there is no xml file for ZOOMQ3D model. The element sets were defined in wrapper. attached "C#lines_to_prepare_XYPolygon_ElementSets_ZOOMQ3D.dat" file is the definition of XYPolygon for the model (Chris said that the c# wrapper can be download from Portal); "ZOOMQ3D.png" is the extent of XYPolygon in the study area displayed in Pipistrelle. I have tested that a model can get correct groundwater level for a XYPoint in Pipistrelle; "MABSWEC.omi" is the simple omi file used for ZOOM model.
Thanks again for your time and help!
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Created at 26/08/2011 11:01  by GGlasgow 
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