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Hi Majdi,
from your description, i would interpret your problem in the following way:
1. growFactor is a variable defined in your model, initialised to a value either within your omi file or a steering file read during model initialisation.
2. this variable can potentailly be adjusted every timestep that your model performs.
3. after a few timesteps the value of growFactor is going out of its permissable range (1 - 10).
if this is right, it suggests that while the initialisation has probably occured ok (because you are performing timesteps before getting the error) but that an illegal value for growFactor has been occured during the simulation.
without seeing your code, it's difficult to know where this might have happened, but two places to look would be:
1. the values of the variables used to calculate growFactor. possibly one of these has caused your model engine to blow-up - perhaps check that all the values passed into the model via steering file or omi file are correct and will run in a standalone simulation and that they are getting initialised correctly. to do this, worth checking the values at the end of initialisation?
2. the call being made to the dll (in compute) may not be quite right - how are you using the dll? are you shutting down the model engine at the end of every call and reinitialising it with the updated values? or are you keeping the engine running but returning without shutting down? depending on your approach, there are different things to look at.
hope this helps - if not, feel free to email me your model and i can take alook for you.

From: MMansour
Posted: 19 April 2011 10:01
Subject: Queue grow factor

I am linking a wrapped C++ model to the csvWriter. The model is built as dll. I am calling the dll functions from the Comput function of the SDK. The models run successfully in pipistrelle and do several time steps but then pipistrelle fails and produce the following message
"Queue grow factor must be between 1 and 10"
"parameter name: growFactor"
I failed to spot the problem so can you help please?
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Created at 19/04/2011 10:33  by GGlasgow 
Last modified at 19/04/2011 10:33  by GGlasgow