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FAQs: What is Fluid Earth?


What is Fluid Earth? 


Fluid Earth is:

  • A set of tools and techniques to enable integrated environmental modelling;
  • partnership between researchers;
  • A community that stimulates water engineering research in environmental modelling;
  • A platform to facilitate knowledge transfer from the research community into application.

Fluid Earth uses OpenMI (Open Modelling Interface and Environment) to prepare “wrappers” for each model.


It enables researchers to use diverse software systems using a common control board, and more importantly enables them efficiently to link models together.


Fluid Earth is the community of hydraulic modelling specialists who use the OpenMI standard to develop and exchange models. Community members come from both industry and academia.


The Fluid Earth community is supported by the Fluid Earth portal, the website facilitating its activities, and a suite of standard software tools.


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