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FAQs: Who can participate in Fluid Earth?


Who can participate in Fluid Earth? 


All interested parties are welcome to share their related work activities and views. Please click on the link below to email the Fluid Earth Administration Team for more information or if you would like to be issued with an id and password. This will give you access to more information on this portal and allow you to participate in discussions.


Fluid Earth Portal Enquiry


Fluid Earth Partners


If you are a researcher / staff member at a partner organisation please click on the link below to contact the Fluid Earth Administration team for a user name and password. This will need to be supported by your named representative and will give you access to resticted partner areas of the Portal.


Request Fluid Earth Partner ID


In order to start using Fluid Earth for integrated modelling you will need to read the instructions in the Fluid Earth Manual section of the portal. This contains (1) an overview of the use of Fluid Earth, (2) instructions on the use of this portal, (3) Guidelines on how the Fluid Earth Partnership works, and (4) Technical guidelines that explain in detail the use of Fluid Earth tools such as Pipistrelle and the SDK.


In essence your interaction with this portal needs only to cover the download of the tools and components you need, the advice you may need and the eventual upload of your tested outputs. However, the format of this website has been selected to promote regular interaction. This is fundamental to Fluid Earth’s goal of interaction between partners, modellers downstream users and the water environment community at large. This portal is therefore aimed at underpinning a thriving knowledge transfer network.


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