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Announcements: Model Fusion Conference 28th - 29th November 2011


Model Fusion Conference 28th - 29th November 2011 


There is now a growing realisation that to answer the most pertinent questions of the age, such as adaption to climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources, we need to model whole Earth systems, bringing together climate, ecological, hydrological, hydrogeological and geological models along with socio-economic models. This process of model fusion will provide the necessary framework in which informed decisions can be made.

Join colleagues from geological surveys, regulatory authorities, government agencies, universities, and other environmental organisations to learn more about current research on integrating environmental models from different disciplines, and the vision for the future. Also hear from key stakeholders in this process who have successfully applied emerging techniques, and network with colleagues.

Keynote speakers include representatives of the UK Environment Agency, the Met Office, as well as leading geological survey organisations.


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